Friday, July 21, 2017

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The Miro range offers matching hardware for Vantage  aluminium and windows and doors.

Designed with sleek, natural lines for a comfortable hand grip, Miro breaks new ground in allowing homeowners to achieve consistent appearance thoughout their aluminium joinery. A handle for interior doors is offered as well as hardware items for standard aluminium joinery.

The range includes lever locks and sliding door grips, a bi-fold swivel operator, and a wedgeless window fastener






Available in a variety of locking options, including keyed both sides or with interior snib. An upward handle movement activates threepoint locking.

LARGE SLIDING DOOR HANDLEThe large 'D' handle (238mm long) is ideal for big scale sliding door applications. The lock is separate from the handle and is operated by key or snib.


This swivel lock activates locking rods in the top and bottom of the door or window panel. A key-locking version is also available.



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